Concrete palisade fencing provides increased security and high visibility. Boasting extensive experience both in manufacturing and construction, Concretex concrete palisade fencing is considered by many to be the industry standard. Since beginning manufacture over 20 years ago, Concretex has made numerous improvements to the product and the manufacturing process. Through advances such as high-frequency vibration and the inclusion of a light-duty specification (which is available in a variety of different heights) Concretex has improved overall quality while expanding the available product line.

‘Industrial’ Specification

Concretex ‘Industrial’ specification concrete palisade is a robust security barrier while at the same time providing great visibility. Concrete palisade fencing represents a cost-effective alternative to steel without the problems relating to scrap resale.

‘Standard’ Specification

Concretex ‘Standard’ specification is a light-duty alternative to traditional concrete palisade fencing. It allows for quicker and easier erection on the part of the contractor, while still providing a robust security solution. ‘Standard’ palisade is also available in various heights ranging from 1.4m to 2.4m from NGL.

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