The MK III Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Panel Toilet System is a high-quality sanitation solution in areas suitable for pit latrines. The top structure is assembled using concrete panels and support ribs while the pit is built using lightweight cellular concrete pit-liner panels. This modularity provides increased flexibility when transporting materials to site, allowing for the positioning of VIP toilet units in areas that would otherwise not be possible when compared to heavier alternatives. The use of an all concrete support structure, apart from providing incredible rigidity, reduces the need for steel in the structure. This, in turn, leads to less on-site shrinkage when compared to steel frame structures.

Using Concretex cellular concrete pit-liner slabs provides a frame which reinforces the pit while ensuring consistent pit sizes and a solid foundation to support the top structure. Floor slabs and desludge plans are made to fit and appropriately reinforced.

All our precast concrete toilets and sanitation units are also available with optional external taps and basins, associated plumbing included.

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